Like a lot of people, I utilize the notes feature in my

I use it out on the road quite a bit when a band member asks
for something or tells me something or gives me a name for the guest list.

Apparently I also use it for something else that I’d
completely forgotten about.

I opened it up the other day, and there at the bottom of a
bunch of old notes was some fresh stuff I’d typed a night or two earlier.

It wasn’t until I’d read all the way through it and processed
it for a second that I finally remembered doing it.

I’d woken up in the middle of the night and typed some notes
into my phone from a dream I’d just had, and then I’d fallen back asleep and forgotten all about it.

Following is exactly what was written in my phone:

Jerry’s driveway filled with toilets.

——- riding a bike with no handlebars crying.*

Sean beaten up by a hand puppet and drooling .

*(Our production coordinator. Name redacted to protect the

Unfortunately the notes didn’t really jog my memory and
bring more details to light, because those three things alone are solid
building blocks for a quality feature film, and I can’t imagine what else was
going on in that dream.

Years ago an old roommate of mine loaned me a book on dream
interpretation, and for a few months I kept a notepad by my bed and wrote down
every dream I had that I could remember.

I’m not so sure that I put a lot of stock in every dream having some deeper meaning, but having a written record of a hot air balloon ride with dozens
of poodles, or playing tennis with John McEnroe while waist-high in a lake
where the tennis balls turned into fish between each hit is some good stuff.

(Please don’t interpret either of those for me. I
don’t wanna know)

I guess I’d be kind of interested to find out what the
supposed meaning of the toilets in the driveway or the bike without handlebars

But I think we can all agree that there doesn’t need to be a
meaning behind Sean getting the high holy hell beaten out of him by a hand

That’s pure gold, and the drooling part is just icing on the

Sweet dreams everyone…