Mike Inez & Jerry Cantrell don’t give a s#^*.

(Come to think of it, Sean doesn’t either)

This is a character trait that I enjoy in them, mainly
because I don’t have it, and I couldn’t do what they do.

What am I talking about?

Well, basically what I’m trying to say is that Mike Jerry &
Sean don’t care if you boo them, and once in a while they even go out of their
way to encourage it.

And that’s what happened last night in Detroit.

Don’t get me wrong. They all want to be liked, and they
appreciate that they have fans and people that respond to their music.

It’s just that occasionally they don’t mind saying, doing,
or wearing something that they know will incite a negative reaction.

But before we get into that, let’s go over something

Rock Star Handbook: Chapter 1, page 1.

How to get cheap applause :

1) Mention name of city.

2) Mention local sports team.

3) Mention U.S. troops.

4) If you’re the opening band, mention the headliner.

All performers know this.

And all performers do one or more of the above.

But occasionally, certain members of Alice In Chains will go
in the opposite direction, and last night in Detroit it was Jerry’s turn.

The band was between songs and Jerry started talking about
the last time he was at Ford Field, which was when the Seahawks lost the
Superbowl to the Steelers in 2006.

There were a few boos after he mentioned the teams, so he
decided to up the ante by bringing up the fact that the Detroit Lions have
never won a Super Bowl, unlike the Seahawks and the Steelers.

Which of course led to a cascade of boos.

I’ve written it several times before, and I’ll say it again;
Detroit has some of the best music fans in America.

But if you insult their sports teams, they’re gonna let you
hear it.

And they definitely let Jerry hear it.

But the booing died down, the next song started up, and all
was quickly forgiven.

After a few more songs, the band finished off a quick 50
minute set, and we hung around to watch a bit of GNR before the long drive to

Two things happened during that time that are worth
mentioning here.

Firstly, Guns N’ Roses went on.

On time.

In fact, their intro music started 4 minutes EARLY.

So just in case you’re headed to an upcoming show, pay
attention to start times, because they might actually mean something this time

Secondly, Sean walked out in the crowd during GNR’s set and
saw something none of us had ever seen at a rock show before.

A guy, alone, with tap shoes on.

Tap dancing to Guns N’ Roses.

I wish I had been there to see that, but just the visual itself
is pretty good, so I thought I’d pass that along.

And finally, let’s tie a bow on this blog by discussing how
night #1 of the tour ended.

We have a new bus driver on this tour, and we also have a
new bus.

So everyone was getting used to the new surroundings and
trying to get acclimated to sleeping on a bus again after 10 months off from
doing it.

It was a long drive and no one was sleeping particularly
well, so around 5:30 or 6:00 A.M., Jerry asked the driver to stop so he could
grab some breakfast.

Long story short, Jerry Cantrell got oil spotted at a Flying
J truckstop on the first night of the tour.

(If you don’t know what it is and you missed my blog from
Mexico City in 2013 when it happened to me at the airport, oil spotting is
being left behind by your entire group)

Thankfully Jerry had his phone with him or things would have
been way worse, but he eventually got Sean to answer after unsuccessfully calling
our sleeping tour manager, and we turned around and grabbed him.

Was it karmic payback for what Jerry said to the Detroit
fans during the show?

I don’t know about that, but it did provide me with a way to
wrap up the first entry of this tour, and it might make a few Detroit Lions
fans smile, so there you go.

The 2016 summer tour is underway…